Agonizing Lag in Coronavirus Research Puts Pregnant Women and Babies at Risk

Jul 06, 2020
After months of asserting pregnant women were not at high risk for the coronavirus, the CDC recently released a study with sobering findings for expectant mothers. Experts say the data gaps are almost as worrisome as the results. https://...

We Stand With You!

Jun 18, 2020
Baby 1st Network stands in solidarity with those opposed to systematic racism, health disparities, and the trauma endured by African Americans in this country. There are striking racial disparities in maternal mortality, morbidity, and...

Safe Sleep Resources for Child-Care Providers

May 26, 2020
Millions of babies across the country attend child-care, which makes child-care providers invaluable allies for championing infant safe sleep. Child-care providers can make sure that all babies in their care sleep in a safe environment ...

OCPIM VIRTUAL TOWN HALL MEETING -- Friday, May 29 from 10 a.m. to noon

May 26, 2020
We look forward to all of you joining us this Friday for the OCPIM VIRTUAL TOWN HALL MEETING from 10 a.m. to noon. We are excited to share with you that our guest speaker will be Dr. Anthony Bobo. A psychologist specializing in mental...

Communities in Ohio Address Rising Inequalities in Response to COVID-19

Apr 24, 2020
From the National Institute for Children's Health Quality's website: A serious compounding problem of COVID-19 is how it is intensifying inequalities across the...

New Information and Research Regarding Stillbirths

Apr 21, 2020
The Ohio Study of Associated Risks of Stillbirth (SOARS) wants to hear from you. The survey seeks to learn why stillbirths happen and how to helpimprove care for women and families who experience a stillbirth. If you experienced a...