OCPIM 2022 Ohio Infant Mortality Summit --Dec. 2-3, 2022

Aug 05, 2022

It's back! Finally, after four years, we would like to invite you to the Ohio Collaborative to Prevent Infant Mortality (OCPIM) first summit since 2018. The 2022 Ohio Infant Mortality Summit – Mobilizing Communities, Keeping Ohio Babies Safe will be held Dec. 2-3, 2022, both virtually and in person. It's designed in a way that we can avoid a cancellation and continue on with an all-virtual conference, if necessary, due to COVID.

Day 1 of the Summit will be virtual (morning) and in-person (afternoon) with lunch and meetings in the five OCPIM regions – Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast, and Central. Locations for the in-person meeting will be announced in the Fall. Day 2 will be virtual and focus entirely on community empowerment and engagement. On both days, there will be guest speakers, state agency updates, presentations on the state of infant mortality in Ohio, and special workshops/activities on community advocacy, best practices and healing.

More information to come; registration will open on Sept. 1. It's been too long, so we hope you can join us!

OCPIM Co-chairs:

Stacy Scott, Ph.D., MPA

James Greenberg, MD