Education and Training

Our mission clearly reflects our determination to become a leading resource for infant safe sleep information and training, and a valued collaborator in community efforts to reduce infant mortality. To that end, we continue our commitment to provide educational materials and support to those professionals and infant caregivers who are working to reduce the rate of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID). Our goal is to provide these professionals with the most current information on SUID as well as safe infant sleep practices, death scene investigation, home visits guidelines and bereavement support.

The Baby 1st Network is pleased with the response to our 2018 SIDS Risk Reduction and Infant Safe Sleep Educational Workshops presented by the Ohio Department of Health and Baby 1st Network.

Please check back for the schedule of 2019 Workshops. Learn from the experts about the impact of SIDS and SUID; risk factors and racial disparities; recommendations for infant safe sleep and SIDS risk reduction; role of the hospital nurse educator; and role of the home visitor.  You will also hear a personal story from a SUID parent and learn about the impact an infant death has on families.

For those of you who are unable to attend a live statewide SIDS Risk Reduction & Infant Safe Sleep Educational Workshop, it is available online through OhioTRAIN. The workshop, presented by the Ohio Department of Health and Baby 1st Network was taped May 3, 2016 and is available through OhioTRAIN until May 3, 2019.  

OhioTRAIN Information

The following pages will provide you with information and links to available resources to ensure that you have the most comprehensive knowledge available on sudden infant death. We also encourage you to review this website’s other pages. Our sections entitled, Definitions, Community Health Forums, Friends and Relatives, About Us and News will help you gain an understanding of sudden infant death and important measures all professionals can relay to expectant moms regarding safe sleep. Our Loss Support and Memorial pages will help you to understand the devastation and heartbreak that families experience after a sudden infant death and ways to help them survive this tragic loss.

If you are interested in professional training by staff from the Baby 1st Network for public health personnel, first responders, child care providers and other professionals, please contact us via email.