September Is National Baby Safety Month

Sep 02, 2020

Founded by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) in 1983, Baby Safety Month (BSM) occurs every September and offers a great chance for parents and retailers to brush up on baby-proof safety standards and tips. Every year, JPMA offers toolkits to manufacturers, retailers, doctors, and parents to help educate them on childhood safety. Babies aren’t the only ones going through a huge learning curve in life – the rest of us often need to brush up on our skills in order to ensure no accidents occur. For more information, go to


Soft Snacks Only

Harder foods present a choking hazard for babies - make sure their food is soft and easy to swallow.

Medicine Isn’t a Spoonful of Sugar

Beware of teaching children that medicine is candy, as this could lead to them taking your medicine when you aren’t around.

Don’t Toss the Baby

Shaking a baby or tossing him in the air can cause blindness or brain damage.

Watch for Broken Toys

Even very baby-safe toys can present a hazard if broken. Be on the lookout for any of your child’s toys that have been damaged or come apart - make sure all pieces/toys are larger than the child’s mouth.

Baby Gates Everywhere!

Baby gates can be heavily employed to keep babies away from the many things that pose hazards to them - drawers with sharp objects, rooms with open electrical sockets, pools, and more.