October is SIDS Awareness Month

Sep 20, 2021

October is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Awareness Month! This month and beyond, advocates and infant caregivers can join Safe to Sleep ® and its partners to encourage safe infant sleep and help raise awareness about SIDS. 

Although the rates of SIDS and other sleep-related infant deaths have decreased over the years, we still have work to do.

More than 1 out of 3 of sudden unexpected infant deaths that occur in the United States each year are from SIDS.1 Recent research also shows that unsafe bedding, such as soft or loose blankets in baby’s sleep area, remains a leading cause of infant death.2

At Baby 1st Network, October is a special month as we continue to advocate for babies and families to keep babies safe and help them live beyond their first birthday. 

Click here for more information on the NIH 2021 Safe to Sleep Toolkit.