The Collective Repast: Grieve, Fellowship, Celebrate, Heal -- Friday, December 4

Nov 07, 2020

Join us again in December for The Collective Repast with Dr. Stacy Scott and Reverends Kathy Merritt and Kenn Harris. Special guest to be announced. Topic: Grieving During the Holiday Season, as we continue our conversaion on Black grief. Registration is coming soon!

The Collective Repast Series

In many communities the repast is a tradition, a time family, friends, and close acquaintances sit down for a meal and conversation —not of the death of loved one, but of their life journey and a future full of faith and hope for the living. COVID-19 has denied many of us the opportunity to come together.

It's a conversation with Stacy Scott, Ph.D., MPA and guests where everyday people, public health professionals, academics, and others talk about their observations and experiences in the cycle of grief. Please join Baby 1st Network as we provide a space to grieve, fellowship, celebrate and heal virtually.