2016 Events Recap

Sep 28, 2016

We begin the Fiscal 2016 Events Recap with the addition of a new event, the 1st Annual Grant’s SIDS 5k Run/Walk.  This fundraiser was held on November 15, 2015 at Dublin Recreational Center in Dublin. Karen Williams, with the help and support from family and friends, organized the event in memory of her son, Grant Peyton Williams. It was a beautiful morning and the event ran smoothly thanks to the assistance of the Columbus Running Company. Karen also helped host the Rise-n-Shine Big Fish Networking Power Breakfast Social on April 14th with Board President, Tracy Tucker, at Costco (Polaris in Columbus) to benefit the Network.

The 16th Annual Reverse Raffle, “A Night to Remember”, was held on February 13th at Brennan’s Party Center in Cleveland and was hosted by Katy and Russ Tobel, Renee and Sam Avampato and Amy and Janusz Kuzdowicz in memory of their sons Collin, Jack and Alexander. Over $35,000 was raised with an outpouring of support received from families, friends and the community. This event continues to bring many SIDS families together to support our cause of eradicating sudden infant death. 

It was a great summer for golf outings! In total over $42,000 was raised to support our organization and we were fortunate to have beautiful, sunny weather for each tournament.  

The summer began with the 16th Annual Nolan P. Fisher Golf Outing. This event was held on Friday, May 27th at Raymond Memorial Golf Course in Columbus. Each year this outing is greatly supported by the family and friends of co-hosts Paul Fisher and Matt Piela, in memory of their son and nephew, Nolan.  

The 22nd Annual Laura Elizabeth Pease Memorial Golf Outing was held on Monday, June 6th at the Wyoming Golf Club in the Cincinnati area.  Tara and Charlie Pease host this outing in memory of their daughter, Laura, and in partnership with Bev and Glenn Stewart in memory of their son, Kyle and Bob Kirch in memory of his son, Michael. It was a truly wonderful day filled with golf and delicious food.  

The 8th Annual Brianna Dawn Tully Memorial Golf Outing was held on Saturday, June 25th in the Columbus area at The Links at Echo Springs. Brian, Jessica, Connor and Ava Tully host this event in memory of their daughter and sister, Brianna. Together, friends and family, help to make this golf outing a special day.  

The 28th Annual SIDS Golf Benefit, hosted by Dan Petricini, in memory of his son, Jonathan, was held on Saturday, July 9th at Paradise Lake Country Club in Mogadore. Many golfers travel far distances to attend this annual tradition.  

The summer golf season finished with the 16th Annual Justin Prestage Golf Outing, held on Monday, July 18th at Coppertop at Cherokee Hills in Valley City. Jim and Melanie Prestage and Randy Matejka host this fundraiser together in memory of their son and nephew, Justin. It was a wonderful event to end the year with everyone enjoying time together while raising funds in support of the Network.

We would like to thank all of the hosts, sponsors and contributors of this year’s events for all of their support and dedication. We are so grateful for each and every one of you! Thank you!