Annual Coroner Update - Mandated Reporting SUID In-service Webinar

Oct 30, 2020

Baby 1st Network extends an invitation to the Ohio coroners and their staff to participate in our 3rd Annual Coroner Inservice Webinar,  Friday, October 30, from 1:00 to 2:00 pmhighlighting ORC 313.121 – Autopsy of child apparent good health who dies suddenly and the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-5-14 - Vital Statistic - Coroner’s protocol. 

Please check you email for a link to the webinar and more information. 

As you may know, responding to the needs created by the occurrence of SIDS and other infant deaths, the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) implemented the Sudden Infant Death Program: Provision of Mandated Reporting and Bereavement Support initiative in 2002. Funded by the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant, the purpose of the program is to ensure compliance with the mandates of Ohio Revised Code 313.121, related to the reporting of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and the provision of support and bereavement services.

This email is being sent to you as a means to provide the latest information regarding the mandated infant death notification.  There are three attachments included with this email:

  1. Copy of the Ohio Revised Code 313.121
  2. Copy of the Notification of Infant Death form that should be submitted with 72 hours of an infant’s death
  3. Copy of the Final Diagnosis form that should be submitted within 120 days of an infant’s death

Call our toll-free number at 800-477-7437 if you have any questions.